Burkhard Dahmen

CEO SMS group GmbH
Chairman of the Managing Board

1964 Born in Düsseldorf, Germany
1990 Graduated at Westfälische Wilhelms University of Münster, Germany
1990 Joined SMS Schloemann-Siemag AG, Düsseldorf, Germany
1992 Officer for Sales
1994 Head of SMS Liaison Office in Beijing, China
1997 Vice President, Marketing / Sales
2002 Managing Director of SMS Sidernaval, Bilbao, Spain
2004 Appointment to Member of the Managing Board of SMS Siemag AG
2012 President and CEO of SMS Siemag AG, Düsseldorf and Hilchenbach, Germany
2014 Spokesman of the Managing Board of SMS Holding GmbH Düsseldorf, Germany
2015 CEO SMS group GmbH,
Chairman of the Managing Board
2016 Chairman of the German Near and Middle East Association
Chairman of the External Economic Committee of Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce
  Member of the Board of the Commitee on Eastern European Economic Relations