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Rotary Inspect

Rotary Inspect gives you reliable, ergonomic and efficient strip surface inspection

There is nothing quite like Rotary Inspect because it's the most advanced exit-side inspection line for tandem cold mills. Whether you use it in inline or offline configurations, this solution rapidly detects all strip surface defects on both sides of the strip. That means you get fewer inferior-quality coils.

You can use Rotary Inspect with all reel configurations.

Here are its distinctive features:

  • Inspection platform, strip clamping, and turning device 
  • Sample cutting at rolling speed of 150 meters per minute or higher 
  • Contact-free, 360°turning of clamped sample, Position free selectable

Your benefits

  • No additional surface marks caused by sample turning or moving 
  • Easy, cost-effective, and safe handling 
  • Fast and reliable inspection of both strip sides 
  • Fewer downgraded coils