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Top rolling technology for top products

Guaranteed quality

All the actuators and control elements for roll-gap setting give you excellent control. That means you can process the whole range of hot strip grades into high-quality cold-rolled products. The fully automated thickness and flatness control system ensures precisely dimensioned, market leading stainless-steel products.

Advanced actuators, control, and support systems

Also incorporated apart from the 18-HS roll inserts with side support rolls are:

  • Hydraulic roll-gap adjustment (AGC) with gauge control
  • HS shifting for the work rolls
  • Intermediate roll shifting for edge drop control
  • Intermediate roll bending for flatness control (CVC® plus)
  • Stepless passline adjustment for roll diameter compensation
  • Change car with side shifter for rapid work-roll changing
  • Backup-roll changing system
  • Emulsion strip and roll cooling with spray beams
  • Squeeze roll units on the exit side
  • Emulsion and filtering systems
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