Heat Treatment Lines

Tube And Pipe Making

High-strength tubes for OCTG applications

Quench and temper lines for tubes and pipes

Our quenching and tempering systems start with gas-fired, induction heated, or hybrid gas/induction hardening furnaces. Next in line are quenching and tempering units, which again feature one of the three heating options. This is where you set the required metallurgical parameters of your products. Our quench and temper lines can be adjusted in just minutes to new sizes, steel grades, or specifics such as pipes with upset ends. They also stand out for high efficiency, precision, and flexibility.

Due to our hardening and tempering furnace technology, you can expect even the closest temperature tolerances. What you get is a homogeneous tube temperature throughout. That ensures consistent mechanical properties across the entire length and cross-section of the tube. All in all, heat treatment developed by SMS, including our newly developed quenching system, guarantees exceptionally high and uniform martensitic structural transformation.

Induction heating

  • Lower investment
  • Limited room available for installation
  • Zero-emissions

Induction / gas heating

To be decided case by case according to the specific pre-conditions

Gas heating

  • Wide pipes range (ø)
  • Low DeltaT tolerances on pipe (+/- 5°C)
  • Low quality of inlet pipes (straightness & material uniformity)
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Heat Treatment Lines For Tubes & Pipes (Q&T lines)

Design features for premium tube quality

Our hardening and tempering furnaces guarantee precise temperature tolerances. This is how you ensure consistent properties throughout the product. Usually, our furnace specialists install highspeed burners that generate strong turbulence inside the furnace chamber. The result is a consistent and homogeneous skin temperature. And that ensures homogeneous mechanical properties over the whole pipe length and cross-section.

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Tailor-Made Quenching Solutions

Special about SMS-QUENCH® is that it's an integrated system individually designed for each tube plant. Based on bain curves developed by our metallurgists, your tailormade cooling system covers all your specific quenching requirements, including the tube sizes and steel grades in your product portfolio. Even though individual tubes differ before heat treatment, our quenching machines guarantee a predictable, perfectly controlled, and reproducible process that precisely generates the target quality. This is especially important because even the slightest difference in chemical composition may cause wide variations in final properties.

Tailor-Made Quenching Solutions Image 1
Tailor-Made Quenching Solutions Image 2
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Elotherm induction quench & temper lines

These Elotherm plants for tubes and bars consist of an induction heating section with downstream quenching facility, followed by a tempering section. All this ensures you achieve the right hardening parameters. What makes Elotherm quench & temper lines stand out are high efficiency, precision, and flexibility.

Subunits of a quench & temper line

Arranged from left to right:

  • Loading station
  • Induction heating, austenitic treatment
  • Quenching station
  • Tempering and soaking section
  • Cooling bed
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High productivity and flexibility

It takes just a few minutes to adjust Elotherm quench & temper lines to new dimensions, steel grades, or special features such as tubes with upset ends. Invaluable here is that, even with different lengths and diameters, the production rate (tons per hour) remains constant. There is no need for long changeover times and time-consuming adjustments. Extremely high availability is guaranteed by the flexibility of Elotherm induction systems.

More efficient and greener

Elotherm quench & temper lines only consume energy when they are in use. What's more, they do not release any harmful CO2 and NOx emissions during the heat treatment process. That means our induction quench & temper lines are emissionfree.

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