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Colorfast and wear-resistant

What makes anodizing so useful is that it generates an oxidic coating or film on aluminum strip. This protects even deeper material layers against corrosion. It also reduces material wear from abrasion and increases the product lifetime. Furthermore, color coating is UV-resistant and tough. There is no finer example of enduring color quality - no matter what light conditions prevail. Today, most anodized and colored aluminum strip is used in the construction industry, e.g. for building façades. Its aesthetic appeal and durability also make the material ideal for suitcases and kitchen furniture.

Line Concepts

Anodizing lines Concepts for every requirement

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Anodizing line designs

First up in the process section is alkaline cleaning and degreasing. This is where an alkaline solution roughens the surface. Then acid is applied to neutralize the strip. Next comes the anodizing process itself. Here, an entry-side current roll charges the strip before cathodes in an electrolytic bath discharge it again. This electrochemical process produces a transparent, colorless oxide layer on the strip surface that makes it super-hard as well as corrosion resistant. Now the strip is ready for coloring in an electrolytic color bath, if necessary. The color penetrates deep into the surface pores to achieve a precisely controlled intensity. To close the pores and permanently capture the pigments, the strip then goes into a hot sealing bath with a specific nickel content. Depending on its future application, the strip may finally be foil laminated.

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