Silicon steel lines


High-performance silicon steel strip processing lines

Here are the lines you need for producing silicon steel - from non-grain-oriented to highly permeable grain-oriented grades. You get complete plants from a single source, including mechanical, process and furnace technology as well as electrical and automation systems, plus process know-how. Furthermore, all our lines feature special equipment geared specifically to silicon steel strip.
Producing grain-oriented silicon steel involves several strip processing lines. The main elements are an annealing and pickling line (APL), a decarburizing and coating line (DCL), and a flattening and coating line (FCL).

Line Concepts

Non-grain-oriented processing lines

Annealing and coating lines (ACL) produce fullyfinished non-grain oriented (NGO) material. One highlight here is the recrystallization furnace with advanced water cooling and a hydrogen content of up to 100%. Equally important is advanced roll-coater technology with closed-loop thickness control. Finally, floatation furnaces with contactless drying of the coating and high specific heat transfer ensure excellent product quality. So what exactly does an annealing and coating line do? It cleans, recrystallizes, and coats the steel with an insulation layer. Whenever the carbon content of the material is higher than approx. 30 ppm, a decarburization function must be integrated in the furnace . That prevents magnetic overaging.
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Annealing and pickling lines

More versatile than other types, annealing and pickling lines anneal and descale grain-oriented as well as non-grain-oriented hot strip. They come with stand-out components such as side trimmers with edge warming, state-of-the-art furnaces, and turbulence pickling tanks with special silicon desludging systems.
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Decarburizing and coating lines Grain-oriented processing lines

There is a soaking section in DCL furnaces used for decarburization annealing. Here, a humidified atmosphere reduces the carbon content to avoid magnetic aging of the product. As an option, this furnace type is also ideal for nitriding. Next, after annealing, the strip is coated with water-based magnesia slurry in a horizontal coater. This section features closed-loop thickness control, temperature control, and special conditioning of the coating solution.
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Flattening and coating lines Grain-oriented processing lines

The purpose of flattening and coating lines is to apply and dry the tension-active solution and to improve strip flatness. It starts with a horizontal coater which applies the conditioned isolation coating solution in a precise thickness. A special feature is the filtration of the MgO solution, leading to a 90% reduction in water consumption. The drying furnace is divided into a radiant-tube section for drying and a direct-fired section for sintering. Then thermal flattening takes place in a horizontal furnace with tight strip tension control – to avoid any negative impact on final properties and to ensure better flatness.
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Special equipment

Ultimate solutions for silicon steel

We customize our special equipment for the particular requirements of silicon steel strip. Also important for you is that all components mesh with each other. That boosts the capacity, quality, and overall performance of these lines.

Here is an example of what our adapted turbulence pickling system looks like. It involves a special tank shape and corresponding equipment in the circuit system to facilitate largely automated silicon oxide sludge removal. Heating the coils as well as the strip edges aids smooth strip running. This special handling also reduces strip damage and tearing. The coating has a crucial impact on the material properties of the final product. That's why we install special roll coaters for high-precision coating. Another feature that ensures top coating quality is exact temperature control of the coating medium in the circulation system.

Special equipment image
Special equipment image

The coating has a decisive influence on the material properties. That's why we integrate high-precision roll coaters.

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Our pickling tanks are specially designed for automated silicon oxide sludge removal.


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Präzise, schnell und verlässlich: die X-Pro®-Laserschweißmaschine der SMS group im fortlaufenden Betrieb für schwer schweißbare Stahlgüten.

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