Superior straightness and surface quality

Our WRP B series two-roll straightening and polishing machines are designed for particularly high-tensile materials and tough specifications. Most of the adjusting and clamping operations are performed by motors or hydraulics.

That allows the machines to generate the best possible straightening results over the full bar length, within a diameter range of between 4 and 250 mm. What's equally impressive is that these machines are so fast they achieve feed rates of up to 210 m per minute, which translates into high productivity. You also benefit from features such as quick-change systems, engineered roll contours for special materials, and recipe control for quick set-up.

All this goes to show that the WRP E series is a money-saving solution for low to moderate-tensile strength material and bar diameters of between 4 and 60 mm. A number of machine parameters are set manually. You can integrate these systems in bright bar lines or as standalone units with suitable bar handling systems.

High quality for small diameters
There is also the option of combined drawing lines with straightening and drawing machines featuring nozzle-type straighteners and polishing wheels. It's the ideal arrangement for small bar sizes. Our models are available in a diameter range of 2 to 30 mm and combine high straightness levels, surface quality, and impressive throughput speed.