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Three series of peeling machines

You can choose from three different series, with working ranges of between 5 and 630 mm diameter.

  • PM series for top performance and quality
  • WDH series for cost-effective production of small batches
  • PMH series for large bar diameters and forged products

These peelers are known as the best in their class in terms of productivity, extensive automation with recipe control, extreme durability, and top product quality. Furthermore, they offer bright steel producers excellent return on investment. Also incorporated in our peeling line program are all bar handling equipment, straightening and polishing machines, bar end machining, plus inspection and packaging equipment. Whatever you choose from this program - it's geared specifically to the peeler performance.

Technical data at a glance

Possible applications

Free-cutting, carbon, alloy, bearing, valve, spring, and stainless steels, Ti alloys and Ni-based alloys

Working range

PM series 5 - 250 mm dia.
WDH series 10 - 80 mm dia.
PMH series 60 - 630 mm dia.


Up to 70,000 t/year (depending on material, batch sizes, and cross-section)