Continuous caster for flat products - Concepts

Casting approaches

Broad portfolio

Included in our program is everything from turnkey integrated plants to revamps, powerful and efficient single components, electrical and automation systems, and servicing. This gives us the wherewithal to transform technical process lines into integrated value-added chains. To achieve the very best results, we also work with leading research institutes. And, when it comes to your specific project, we cooperate closely with you.

Ultra-thick slabs, thickness

340 - 500 mm (V, VSB, C)

Thick slabs, thickness

180 - 340 mm (C, VLB)

Medium slabs, thickness

120 - 180 mm (C, VLB)

Ultra-wide slabs, width

> 3,000 mm (C, VLB)

Combination casters & twin dividers
for slabs and long products

(C, VLB)

Thin slabs, CSP®, thickness

50 - 120 mm (VLB, VSB)

Belt casting technology, thickness

10 - 20 mm (BCT®)

Continuous caster portfolio from SMS group

VLB Vertical Liquid Bending; VSB Vertical Solid Bending; V Vertical casters; C Curved Mold / bow-type; BCT® Belt Casting Technology