Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co. Ltd., China

Best for hard aluminum grades

Currently, one of the world’s largest production facilities for aluminum flats is taking shape in Tianjin. Already up and running are the hot and cold rolling mills of the first construction stage, supplied completely by SMS group. They went into operation in 2015. Included in the new supply scope are two CRMs, chosen by our customer because they are ideal for hard aluminum grades. 

The CRMs have the same basic design, but will be utilized for different strip widths. Both operate with our X-Pact Alucontrol electrical and automation system. They each feature a coil preparation station and a pay-off reel on the entry side. The mills come in CVC® plus 6-high design. The combination of work and intermediate roll bending system, multizone cooling, hot edge spray, and exit side DS strip system ensures excellent strip quality. Integral to the exit areas are a tension reel with belt wrapper and double ironing roll for accurate strip winding, as well as an inspection line. Completing the installation are spool and pup coil handling equipment, coil logistics, and automatic roll change devices. SMS technology makes both CRMs not only profitable, but also sustainable. To give you an idea of just one of the cost-cutting, green solutions featured here, check out our Multi-Plate® filter for efficient rolling oil maintenance.

Reference Photo of Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co. Ltd., China
In 2015, the two CRMs in CVC® plus 6-high design went into operation

Main technical data

MaterialsAA2xxx, AA5xxx, AA6xxx, AA7xxx
Strip width1,250 - 2,650 mm (CRM2)
1,000 - 2,150 mm (CRM3)
Strip thickness (entry side)max. 12 mm (CRM2)
max. 10 mm (CRM3)
Strip thickness (exit side)min. 0.2 mm
(CRM2 and 3)
Rolling speed1,200 m/min. (CRM2)
1,500 m/min. (CRM3)
 Coil weight32 t (CRM2)
30 t (CRM3)
Capacity140,500 t (CRM2)
107,000 t (CRM3)