Electric furnace

Leading technology in slag cleaning

SMS group is the leading supplier of both electric-arc and submerged arc furnaces. It all started when we installed the first units more than 100 years ago. Electric arc furnaces are mainly used in steel production, either as DC or AC types. Submerged-arc furnaces as well as electric smelters are typical plants for ferroalloys, silicon metal, and non-ferrous metals.

Primarily, electric slag cleaning furnaces are used in the nickel, copper, and PGM industries to recover precious metals from slag. This began in the 1950s when SMS installed its first units. They are so successful that SMS has supplied more than 40 units to date. Depending on the slag properties, rectangular or circular solutions are possible.

PolyMet Solutions is also involved in lining optimization. That gives you these advantages:

  • Outstanding reference track record for rectangular and circular furnaces
  • Highest precious metal recovery rate
  • Best available electrode column system with either prebaked or Soederberg electrodes
  • Low investment and operational costs
  • Refractory lining optimized by PolyMet Solutions
3D model electric furnace