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SMS group offers you custom-made, high-performance forging solutions for any number of applications. Included here are sophisticated parts such as shafts for ship engines and power station turbines, or flawless and reliable components for aerospace applications. These are just two fields where open-die forging presses represent the best technology. Specifically, you can expect press forces well in excess of 200 MN from our open-die forging presses. We ensure your press achieves not only high production speeds, but also the closest possible forging tolerances and consistently high quality. It also benefits you that we have banked extensive experience in engineering, erection, and complex commissioning. That means we can complete your new construction or modernization projects for open- die forging plants in record time.

Open-die forging press designs

Push-down forging presses image

Push-down forging presses

Wherever ground conditions make deep foundations impossible and the production building is high enough to accommodate a relatively tall press type, we recommend push-down open-die forging presses.

Pull-down type forging presses image

Pull-down type forging presses

Your building may be too low for the overall height of the press type necessary to achieve the capacity you want. This is where our pull-down type forging presses solve the problem.

Rail-bound manipulators and auxiliary equipment image

Rail-bound manipulators and auxiliary equipment

Our rail-bound manipulators easily handle weights of up to several hundred tons and move them precisely. They feature oil-hydraulic drives and electronic controls.

TR forging device image

TR forging device

This is the ideal solution for large crankshafts. That's because it effectively produces the deformations necessary for manufacturing large multi-throw crankshafts with offset cranks. Whether you want a TR device retrofitted into your existing line or integrated in a new hydraulic forging press, SMS delivers. Then you can reap the strategic benefits of a larger product range.


ForgeBase® technology package

Intelligent technology package

Welcome to your new central control desk where your staff can select manual, semiautomatic, fully automatic and program (ForgeBase®) operation mode of the press and one or two manipulators. Here you can see your operator comfortably seated in a cabin - insulated from heat, dust, and noise. Our ForgeBase® control system ensures your forging operations run precisely according to your pre-calculated pass schedules at top speed and cost-effectiveness. What's more, your operator can switch from fully automatic or semi-automatic to manual mode at any time.

Your Benefits:

  • Process is repeatable and independent of the operator, which ensures fewer variations
  • Shorter forging time and better process with online data acquisition and nominal value/actual value comparisons
Forgebase technology package image
Forgebase user interface: parameter settings image

ForgeBase® user interface: parameter settings

Forgebase user interface: parameter settings image

ForgeBase® user interface: parameter settings

Forgebase user interface image

ForgeBase® user interface

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