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Famous names such as Eumuco and Hasenclever have represented the epitome of top performance worldwide for more than 50 years. Today, the know-how and technology associated with these traditional brands is pooled in SMS group's closed-die forging operations.

Whether you are interested in eccentric presses, screw presses, wedge presses, all upline and downline forming accessories, or the entire automation technology - SMS group offers everything you need for closed-die forging. What's more, with over 3,100 reference plants built worldwide, we draw on perhaps the greatest wealth of experience in this field.


Closed-die forging

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Eccentric presses type MP and AMP image

Eccentric presses
type MP and AMP

Image - Eccentric presses - Type EP Ecopress

Eccentric presses
type EP - Ecopress

Wedge presses type KP

Wedge presses
type KP

Image - Screw presses - Type SPE

Screw presses
type SPE

Screw presses type SPKA

Screw presses
type SPKA

Forging rolls type RW and ARWS image

Forging rolls
type RW and ARWS

Cross toll type QW image

Cross roll
type QW


Drive technology

Closed-die forging presses with MEERtorque®

High torque at low speeds

Here is a sustainable innovation that applies advanced torque motor technology to reduce pressure dwell times.

30 Strokes per minute

Our MEERtorque® for forging presses works on the principle of separating the pure press movement from the energy supply. This is how it works: The forming energy is stored in a flywheel that rotates at up to 110 rpm. Next, when the stroke is applied, a torque motor accelerates the eccentric shaft and the ram to flywheel speed. Only then are these components coupled to the flywheel in a slip-free manner, so the press loses no energy.

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