Horizontal continuous casting plants for strips

Together with our Technica brand, SMS group is the pioneer in wide-strip continuous casting plants. We have banked a wealth of experience with over 100 reference projects. These horizontal continuous casters produce strips 10 to 20 mm thick and up to 1,050 mm wide. Included among the materials they can handle are bronze, brass, nickel-silver, copper-nickel, aluminum-tin and other alloys.

Here are some of the plant solutions we integrate into continuous casters:

inline milling machines, shears, strip upcoilers, and strip bending machines.

SMSgroup Image

Key technical features:


Bronze, brass, nickel-silver, copper-nickel, aluminium-tin etc.

Number of strands

1 - 4

Strip width

max. 1,050 mm

Strip thickness

10 - 20 mm

Production capacity

up to 10,000 tpy

SMSgroup Image
SMSgroup Image