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Converter steelmaking (Stainless Steel)

Shaping the future – converter steelworks from SMS group

Since the early 1950s, SMS group and its predecessor companies have been using their know-how for highly productive and modern converter steelplants for carbon and stainless steel worldwide.
SMS group is one of the leading companies in this market and meets the growing demands of its customers with advanced and reliable mechatronic systems. In cooperation with universities and institutes, eco-friendly and economical solutions are developed that are used worldwide. The product range is wider than ever. This includes complex BOF and AOD converter steelplants with a high degree of automation and digitalization, as well as new paths in the metallurgical process and modernizations. Our solutions are durable and sustainably reduce maintenance costs. 
Spare parts, modernizations, tailor-made maintenance procedures or customized training programs: Our Technical Service is ready around the world to offer you service packages geared to your requirements along the entire metallurgical process chain.

The key features are
High productivity and product quality
Latest process technologies and superior products
Project solutions with a fast return-on-investment


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Future-oriented stainless steelmaking

What's special about our process lines is that we tailor your plant to your conditions. Included in these considerations are availability of raw materials, infrastructure, and energy supply.

The upshot is that you can produce high-quality materials at low cost.

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Efficient, custom-engineered vacuum converters

We specially develop vacuum converters for producing stainless, acid-resistant, and heat-resistant steel grades as well as highly alloyed special steels, manganese, and chromium alloys, plus medium and low-carbon ferromanganese and ferrochrome.

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AOD converter

The AOD converter is key equipment in the stainless steelmaking process. An argon-oxygen mixture is being injected into the molten steel through sidewall-nozzles which provokes a very efficient carbon removal.


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Scientific studies and practical experience prove that the shape of the AOD vessel has a significant impact on the AOD process. SMS group was a leading force in researching the optimum height-to-diameter (h/d) ratio of the AOD melt and now designs vessels accordingly.


  • Vessel shape is slightly deeper than for classical AOD conver-ters with an h/d ratio of ~0.7
  • Safe and low-maintenance but powerful and economic converters due to proper vessel design
  • Outstanding converter performance in combination with the hydraulic torque retainer


  • Minimum chromium oxidation and therefore high Cr yield
  • Optimum slag dissolution
  • Better cleanliness of final product
  • Ideal mixing energy
  • Best refractory performance
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The converter vessel is held in the trunnion ring by three clamping elements. Vessel pins, which are welded to the vessel shell, are mounted in support brackets attached to the trunnion ring.


  • Automated system
  • Allows thermal expansion of the vessel in the trunnion ring
  • Mechanically secured against unintentional opening


  • Quick converter exchange with an exchange time ≤ 30min
  • Higher safety standard for operators

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Mehr Verlässlichkeit im Antriebsstrang dank Antriebstechnik der SMS group.

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Digitale Dokumentation: Der erste Schritt zur Digitalisierung.

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Unterstützung im Notfall – Remote Service

Zur schnellen Identifikation von Defekten und Fehlfunktionen und umgehenden Einleitung von Maßnahmen, die Störungen beseitigen.

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Equipment Check

Regelmäßige Inspektionen und Wartungen sind Grundlage zur Sicherung der Anlageneffizienz.

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Safety Locator

Schützen Sie Ihr wertvollstes Kapital - Ihre Mitarbeiter – mit dem SMS group Safety Locator.

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Smart Maintenance

Digitalisieren Sie Ihre Instandhaltung mit SMS group.

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