Converter steelmaking

Shaping the future – converter steelworks from SMS group

Efficient processes. Whether long, low-wear converter campaigns, low-maintenance or even maintenance-free components, perfect yet fast treatment results, quick converter changes - this is how our converters are built to last ... made to perform. Depending on the steel grade or process route in your steelworks, SMS group offers you BOF converters for carbon steel or AOD-L converters for stainless steel.

Alternatively, you can boost your productivity, flexibility, and product quality with a modernization from SMS group. That's because we not only supply you with top-quality mechanical, automation, and electrical components, but also apply special conversion expertise that ensures short downtimes to help you maintain your peace of mind.

BOF design concepts

BOF designs concepts Image

Future-oriented oxygen steelmaking

Maximum efficiency for you

Here is how our customized just-right solutions for your converter steelworks help you set new standards of performance. They help you achieve the perfect balance between the four factors that matter:

  • Problem solving
  • Innovation
  • Cost cutting
  • Productivity growth
Future-oriented stainless steelmaking Image

Future-oriented stainless steelmaking

Low production costs, high productivity

What's special about our process lines is that we tailor your plant to your conditions. Included in these considerations are availability of raw materials, infrastructure, and energy supply.

The upshot is that you can produce high-quality materials at low cost.

Efficient, custom-engineered vacuum converters Refined steels and ferroalloys Image

Efficient, custom-engineered vacuum converters

Combination of AOD and VOD technology

We specially develop vacuum converters for producing stainless, acid-resistant, and heat-resistant steel grades as well as highly alloyed special steels, manganese, and chromium alloys, plus medium and low-carbon ferromanganese and ferrochrome.


Modernizations to boost your utilization rate

All replacements and revamps in your converter steelworks pursue this central goal: the capacity to produce more steel in the same time in your existing factory. Achieving this aim means your steelworks can supply the market with higher capacities - at lower cost.

This creates clear competitive advantages for you, especially in times of high demand. Yet, even when demand stagnates or falls, the cost benefit per ton gives you more flexibility and therefore more security that you can always supply the right market segments.

BOF converter technology – tilt drive Image

Your benefits from manufacturing in our Hilchenbach workshop:

  • State-of-the-art workshop in Hilchenbach/Germany
  • Large number of powerful machines
  • High-capacity machine tools
  • Welding shop and equipment for preassembly of workpieces up to 450 t
  • Blanks exclusively from selected sub-suppliers
  • Stringent requirements of: degree of deformation, material cleanness → guaranteed mechanical properties
  • One of the few manufacturers worldwide capable of producing case-hardened or heat-treated gearwheels up to a diameter of 6,000 mm
  • Fully mechanical submerged-arc welding with 100% ultrasonically tested weld seams
  • Gears cut in numerically controlled hobbing machines
  • Gearboxes leave the SMS group workshop ready assembled with tooth contact pattern adjusted
  • More than 60 converter tilt drive references since 2002
SMSgroup Image
  • Maintenance-free lamellas
  • Thermal expansion in all directions
  • Easy retrofitting into existing converters
  • Continuously improved design over more than 47 years
  • Maximum specific metallurgical volume due to compact design

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