JSW Steel Ltd.

New steel plant - top green credentials and high quality standards

The new meltshop we engineered is designed for producing 2.8 million t of crude steel per year. This material will be processed into billets and slabs of high-grade steels. To safeguard high quality standards, the plant features a ladle furnace and an RH-TOP degassing plant.

The new steelworks we supplied comprises two 175-t BOF converters with a hot-metal desulfurization plant, one ladle furnace, one RH-TOP plant, one eight-strand billet caster, and a single-strand slab caster. Essential for JSW Steel was top eco-friendliness. That's why we equipped the works with collection and cleaning systems for converter gases and secondary dust emissions. All of them started up smoothly. This was a comprehensive order for us, entailing the basic and detail engineering as well as key equipment including the two converter tilt drives. They each weigh in at 94 t and were manufactured in our Hilchenbach shops. Also listed in our supply package were all the electrical and automation systems. Moreover, we carried out erection and commissioning, and also trained JSW's operating staff.

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