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High sustainability and top quality for copper wire rod

Whether you want to produce anodes, wire rods, tubes, or semi-finished products - we supply all the equipment you need for copper plants. That includes integrated process technology. Working with us means you enjoy a partnership based on expertise and the assurance that all your components mesh perfectly.

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Combined Casting and rolling lines for wire rod

More than half of demand on the copper market is for cast and rolled copper wire rod. That's because this material is crucial to the electrical and electronics industry. We have banked decades of experience and obtained worldwide references. All of these have made us a global leader with our high-capacity CONTIROD®* plants.

Key to your success in this field are our constant improvements in technology and design as well as our process know-how. So, you can rely on top product quality at low production costs.

CONTIROD®* facilities offer you the option of producing either round or flat products. It's an added advantage that you can make copper-silver alloys, e.g. for overhead line wires. That gives CONTIROD®* owners access to innovative sales markets. These plants come with a high degree of automation that ensures consistent production conditions. What's more, the modular design and high level of standardization mean you need much fewer spare and wear parts.

*CONTIROD® is a registered trademark of Aurubis Belgium

Main Data



Copper wire rod


8 - 23 mm

Copper grades



up to 400.000 tpy

No. of rolling stands 8 - 14

Your Benefits

  • Less downtime and fewer production process interruptions
  • High plant availability with reliable troubleshooting
  • Higher energy efficiency due to lower fuel and electricity consumption
  • Wider range of product dimensions such as round and flat sections
  • Lower costs
  • Safe operation and less maintenance
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Twin-belt casters

Perfect results: Hazelett twin-belt casters

Hazelett twin-belt casters guarantees:

  • Fine-grained and homogeneous casting structure with equal distribution of oxygen and impurities - better rod quality
  • Much lower costs with more copper scrap as feed stock.
Twin-belt casters image

Rolling mills

Optimal production results at the heart of the plant

The centerpiece of the CONTIROD®* plant is the rolling mill. This is where the benefits of CONTIROD®* technology really stand out. Especially important is our individual drive technology. Here is why:

  • Better rolling quality due to individual drive systems for each rollstand
  • Fine-grained, homogeneous rolling structure
  • Lower process costs for roll rings due to less wear
  • High flexibility for both round and flat sections
  • Less maintenance and lower energy consumption due to robust, frequency-controlled AC motors

*CONTIROD® is a registered trademark of Aurubis Belgium

Combined casting and rolling lines Rolling mills image

PLC systems

Intelligent technology package

It's easy for your plant operators to control the entire CONTIROD®* plant using our PLC systems. Included here is visualization with diagnostic signaling and monitoring software. That eliminates any problems and potential interruptions before they even start. You benefit considerably because the electrical control system guarantees:

  • Good accessibility to process data for troubleshooting
  • Less downtime
  • Higher plant availability
  • Low maintenance for AC drives, high rolling speed control

*CONTIROD® is a registered trademark of Aurubis Belgium

Combined casting and rolling mills PLC Systems image

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Top quality and efficiency

Greener than ever, our CONTIROD®* process is now even more energy-efficient. That's down to improved melting, casting and rolling. Here is what you get: 

  • Much more efficient heat transfer from combustion gas to raw material in our newly designed melting furnace
  • Less liquid copper oxidation and lower gas consumption with our upgraded automatic combustion control system
  • Drastically lower electricity consumption with frequency-controlled AC drives for the melting furnace blowers as well as the rolling mill drives

*CONTIROD® is a registered trademark of Aurubis Belgium




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