BCM - billet centering machines

Optimized rolling process with centered piercing

The SMS billet centering machine (BCM) helps you optimize your rolling process. That's because the piercer plug enters the billet exactly in the center, preventing "onion rings" at the pipe ends.

No "onion rings" plus improved rolling process

Rolling solid billets over a piercer plug creates "hollows". It's crucial here that the piercer plug contacts the billets exactly in the center, otherwise faults known as "onion rings" occur at the ends of the pipes. To avoid this, BCM makes recesses in one or both ends of the billets before the piercing process. As a result, the plug enters the billet precisely in the center, creating virtually no onion rings as it exits. You also benefit from: less wear on the plug, an enhanced rolling process, higher productivity, and uniform wall thicknesses.

Your benefits

  • No "onion rings"
  • Optimized rolling process
  • Guaranteed uniform wall thickness 
  • Resource saving
  • No roll failures
  • "First test, then invest"
BCM billet centering machines image BCM billet centering machines image