Groove dressing machine

Latest-generation roll dressing machines

Here is everything you need to know about our groove dressing machines for stretch-reducing mills, sizing mills, extracting mills, and push bench stands.

New to the roll dressing scene is our 3-axis continuous path control system combined with a higher-level measurement data computer. They make it possible to produce any groove shape, whether round, oval, or round with parabolic side zones. This frees you up for free groove design and forming process optimization. Now your engineers can reduce or even completely prevent internal polygonization of tubes during the stretch reducing process.

The machine is equipped with a measuring device which detects the roll positions and the groove contours to be machined. It transfers the data to a computer program. Next, the computer controls the rest of the machining process on the basis of these measured values. Following a defined sequence, the system machines the three rolls individually from the front of the stand. The cutter holders for each roll and the measuring sensor are mounted on a standard rotating turret with a rapid-release system. The cutter is made of ceramic or CBN material.

KR roll groove dressing machine image