PQSC® technology

Better plug material and less thermal load

Due to a special ceramic coating and longer service life, our PQSC® (Premium Quality Surface Coating) piercer plugs produce enhanced internal pipe surfaces. These plugs come into play during the first step of seamless tube production.

Premium Quality Surface Coating

Especially durable, our PQSC® piercer plugs withstand extreme thermal and mechanical stresses. The ceramic coating features low thermal conductivity plus extreme hardness. It acts as a heat and wear protection shield and as a passive separating layer. This is a unique technology that significantly extends the service life of the piercer plugs. That means you reduce tooling costs and raise the productivity of your plants.

Your benefits from PQSC® technology

  • Heat protection
  • No weld-on
  • Higher process reliability
  • Longer hollow blooms
  • Higher-alloyed billets 
  • Larger production capacity
PQSC technology image PQSC technology image