PERFECT spray®

Welding and coating

Innovative coating solutions for surface-functionalization of metal and non-metal components

In practice, it is quite rare that components are only exposed to a single service condition. Usually a combination is present; for example, abrasive wear combined with high thermal stress. Various types of wear and corrosion are the most frequent conditions the surface coating must withstand.

The global network of long-distance pipelines consists of more than three million kilometers and is growing each year by some 25,000 kilometers. Pipelines are the veins that supply our world with vital substances. They are essential for transporting oil, gas, and drinking water over long distances. However, they are often exposed to extreme conditions. Whether above ground, underground or under water – the right corrosion protection is crucial for the long life and resistance of the pipes used here. This is where wire arc spraying - a method characterized by high deposition rates and low energy consumption - is ideal.

Wire arc sprayed coatings can also be found in numerous other industrial sectors, such as in automotive industry, in turbine construction, for plasma coating, for repair and maintenance tasks, in medical technology, in the aerospace industry and many other industries.


Digital wire arc spraying technology

The welding technology experts of SMS group brought together two promising technologies: high kinetic wire arc spraying and the fully digital current-voltage source PERFECT arc® developed by SMS group coordinating the control of all electric-arc processes for welding and coating methods without changing the hardware. As a result the new thermal spraying system PERFECT spray® came into being for treating metal and non-metal surfaces.

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PERFECT arc® welding technology

PERFECT arc® is a digital welding process engineered by SMS group. It's ideal for spiral pipes as well as longitudinally seam welded UO and JCO® pipes. Furthermore, you can use it for both arc and submerged-arc welding. The result is a "perfect arc" that reacts fast and can be precisely controlled at any time. What's more, it achieves energy savings.


Wire arc spraying

Wire arc spraying involves feeding two metallic wires into a spray gun at a controlled feed rate. Electric current is applied via copper, conductive wires. Once the wire feed starts, the two spray wires move forward until they touch each other. At the touch point, the wires are heated due to a high-short-circuit current. This melts the coating material. A gas jet, usually consisting of compressed air, atomizes the molten material, accelerates the particles, and deposits them onto the surfaces to be coated.

The wire arc system has a modular structure and features ceramic internal flow contours, adapted to the relevant coating task, which were designed to take account of the gas dynamics and can be adapted to the desired gas volume or mass flow rate. There is the option of directing the flow on the wire ends well within the supersonic range (gas flow speeds greater than Mach 1) or of decelerating the gas - depending on the material or application - to subsonic speeds.

Coating wire material

Almost all metal materials that can be supplied in wire form can be processed. Thanks to the option of separately controlled wire feed rates, users are also able to process different materials on the cathode and anode sides, allowing alloys or pseudo-alloys to be produced in the process (e.g. combination of steel and nickel, or aluminum and copper).

New Markets

  • Aerospace industry
  • Commercial goods
  • Polymer industry
  • Power plants
  • Repair and maintenance

The future-oriented PERFECT spray®

predestines the spraying plant not only for applications in the industrial environment but qualifies the plant also for science and research to open up new resource-saving applications and markets.

Wire arc sprayed coatings can also be found in numerous other industrial sectors:

  • Gas turbine industry
  • Industrial parts
  • Medical industry
  • Steel industry
  • Technical laminates
  • Textile machinery


Current issues and problems surrounding the politically motivated change in energy policy are shifting coating methods such as wire arc spraying into the focus of technologies that can guarantee long-term corrosion protection in a cost, energy, and material-efficient way.

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The SMS group coating system enables virtually pore-free coating. Since the cathode and anode wire feed rates can be controlled separately, materials with different melting temperatures can be transported homogeneously so as to attain a constant arc resistance (minimal change in length). In addition, these coats are post-treated with a special sol-gel-based seal and offer over 20 years of corrosion protection in accordance with current standard specifications, even in severe sea water conditions.



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