Fuel: as much as necessary, as little as possible

Here is how SMSPrometheus® reduces fuel consumption: the system adopts heating strategies that decrease the temperature set points yet guarantee the required final stock target temperature. Right at the core of the program is a sophisticated mathematical model that simulates the heating curves inside the furnace for each stock. Next, there is a display showing the overall efficiency of the furnace in the form of heating balance diagrams. Also included are consumption and emission calculations that can be correlated to actual production data.

SMSPrometheus® constantly monitors the heating history parameters of each single workpiece. It works on a predictive basis, constantly making projections to estimate the development of the heating path. Using this as a basis, SMSPrometheus® continuously chooses and modifies the temperature set points. When coupled with Digiburn®, the system also optimizes the digital firing pattern.

Significant energy savings - even during nonproductive time

Not only versatile, SMSPrometheus® is also highly efficient in optimizing the combustion parameters during events like sudden stoppages, furnace heating-up time, or changes in the product campaign. That means even highly experienced staff benefit considerably from the mathematical model guidance during these temporary events.

Reliable efficiency index

SMSPrometheus® also tracks the consumption rate required to heat each billet. Then it compares the standard consumption figures with the rates achieved at optimized combustion.

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