From RCM to CCM®, ISL Pakistan

Pakistan’s first CCM® with CVC® plus a success story

International Steels Limited (ISL) is one of Pakistan's leading companies. We supplied ISL with an RCM which went into operation in 2010. Right from the start, the RCM was designed for later extension. Then, just four years later, ISL contracted us to implement the extension. Wasting no time, we got the CCM® up and running by 2015.

Now, after the upgrade to a CCM®, the company has boosted its capacity by 177,000 tpy. That brings the nominal mill capacity up to 425,000 tpy. To ensure excellent strip quality, the CCM® is fully equipped with CVC® plus in combination with work roll bending and our X-Shape flatness control system.

Striking here is that our customer ordered the original RCM with foundations and auxiliaries already designed for easy integration of a second stand with interstand section. The main part of the job was relocation of exit side equipment such as the tension reel and coil car. We commissioned the CCM® in July 2015.

From RCM to CCM, ISL Pakistan image

Main technical data

Materials: CQ, DQ, DDQ
Strip width: 700 - 1,250 mm
Strip thickness: 1.60 - 5.00 mm (entry) / 0.25 - 2.00 mm (exit)
Rolling speed: 1,200 m/min.
Capacity: RCM: 248,000 tpy, CCM®: 425,000 tpy