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What you gain from our expertise

SMS group has banked more than 80 years of experience in ring and wheel rolling. This dates back to Keller & Banning Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei (machine works and iron foundry) and Wagner Maschinenfabrik. Today, our ring and wheel-rolling activities stand for innovative technology, precision, and top quality. Almost 600 ring-rolling machines, over 100 complete plants and facilities, as well as satisfied customers all over the world conclusively prove our leading position. So you can rest assured: we know the industry inside out and meet (or even exceed) your expectations.


Ring blank presses

Top quality starts with the blank

Crucial to your products are the ring blanks. The better the starting product matches the final ring shape, the more cost-efficient your downstream processes are. This in turn means higher productivity. That's how you benefit from our reliable, future-proof ring blank presses with press forces of up to 100 MN.

Ultimate solutions - custom-made for you

Pressing forged ring blanks involves upsetting, pre-piercing, and piercing. There is also an extra step for profile blanks in the form of profiling. Sleeve-type rings are forged in a pot die. So, whatever the application and power range you want - we supply the right ring blank press for you.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Highly flexible, modular design
  • Highly adaptable to changing plant demands or market requirements
  • Lines designed to suit your ring and lot sizes
  • Rapid tool changing for cost-effective production
Ring blank presses Image

Radial and radial-axial ring rolling machines

Achieve more with less

Our ring rolling machines produce rings by enlarging the diameter of ring blanks. The process works like this: first, the blanks are heated to forging temperature. Then, our radial ring rolling machines reduce their wall thickness using a main roll and a mandrel. Alternatively, radial-axial ring rolling involves two axial rolls which simultaneously decrease the height of the blanks.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ring sizes: 100 - 10,000 mm
  • Ring heights: 20 - 4,500 mm
  • Ring shapes: Rectangular cross sections, Wide range of inner profiles, Wide range of outer profiles
  • Materials: Carbon steels, Low and high-alloy steels, Austenitic steels
  • Superalloys such as: Inconel, Hastelloy, Waspaloy, Incoloy, Nimonic
  • NF metals such as: Titanium, aluminum, and copper alloys
Radial and radial-axial ring rolling machines Image

Ring expanders

Lower-cost ring production

Here is another highlight from SMS group - our ring expanders which are perfect for ring rolling machines. The core components are a hydraulically movable expanding cone and expanding jaws. This is how you achieve excellent plastic deformation of rings. It's an extra advantage that the control system automatically accounts for the spring-back and compensates it during the next expanding stroke.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Integrated turning device for higher precision
  • Single-stroke calibration for automated lines
  • EXPANTRONIC software for fully automated expanding sequence
  • Lower cost, higher precision
Ring expanders Image

MERW Image


Newly available from SMS group is our special machine type for ring diameters of between 100 mm and 500 mm. The MERW small-ring rolling machine is designed for operation in an automated plant. We customize your machine so you always roll exactly the profiled and rectangular rings you require. It's the only proven way to ensure you get both - top precision and low costs.

Axial closed-die rolling machines Image

Axial closed-die rolling machines

Axial closed-die rolling is ideal for many applications. You can use it to roll virtually all rotationally symmetrical workpieces from any forgeable material. Included here are not only axle drive wheels but also aluminum wheels. These wheels come with excellent properties that make them predestined for racing cars.

Wheel rolling machines Image

Machines and lines

Wheel rolling machines produce solid wheels and wheel disks from blank presses. Typical applications are wheels for rail-bound vehicles such as locomotives, carriages, and subway trains. To ensure high precision and smooth running, our machines feature two web rolls that simultaneously roll the wheel web and the inside of the tread.


ROLLTECH for rings, wheels, flanges, and profiles

ROLLTECH gets your process rolling

Included among today's most important and powerful technology systems for ring and wheel rolling is ROLLTECH - our software package that runs on standard PCs.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Easily assesses product feasibility
  • Design support with automatic profile contour drawings for tooling
  • Full overview of primary materials for your warehouse and saw shop
  • All process data for hot forming - from the furnace through to heat treatment
  • Latest data for your entire system from a centralized data pool
  • Support for the entire process from blanking press to finished rolled part
Rolltech for rings, wheels, flanges, and profiles Image

CARWIN machine user interface stands for Computer Aided Rolling under Windows

Technology Image 1
Technology Image 2
Technology Image 3
Technology Image 4

RAW ecompact®

Innovative drive concept for ring production

What's best about our new electrohydraulic drive solution is that it saves you serious money. That's because it consumes between 25 and 40 percent less energy than conventional ring rolling machines. Instead of a large central hydraulic system, several small, self-contained electrohydraulic drives provide the necessary energy - wherever and whenever you need it.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Low investment costs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Compact dimensions
  • Automatic control and software included
  • Short delivery times and fast commissioning
Ring expanders Image

Ecoplants criteria

Your Ecological benefits:

  • Energy consumtion: -25% to -40% (depending on application)
  • Hydraulic oil disposal: -50%
  • Noise level: -15% 


Your Economic benefits:

  • Energy costs;: -25% to -40%
  • Utility costs: -15%

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