Melting furnaces

Leading-edge technology for your aluminum casthouse

SMS group company HERTWICH has, in recent years, truly revolutionized the industry with its advanced melting technology. Welcome to these groundbreaking innovations: Single-chamber furnaces, Multi-chamber furnaces, Universal rotary tilting furnaces (URTF), Compact-type remelt plants (CTRP), Chip remelting plants, Scrap charging machines


Single-chamber melting & casting furnaces

Generally, single-chamber furnaces come at comparatively low investment cost. That's because the furnace design is simple: either rectangular or round, depending on your individual application.

Rectangular furnaces feature a front door across the entire furnace width. This ensures full access during charging and skimming. Furnaces are designed either for hydraulic tilting (such as casting furnaces) or as stationary types.

Single-chamber melting & casting furnaces image

Multi-chamber furnace

Ecomelt type furnace

Another highlight besides our Single chamber furnaces is the HERTWICH Ecomelt type furnace. Despite the various strategic design criteria, detailed multi chamber furnace design is flexible to meet individual specifications and capacities. The HERTWICH multichamber furnaces Ecomelt PR, Ecomelt PS and Ecomelt PC are designed to the following principles.

Multi-chamber furnace image

Universal rotary tilting furnaces


Typically, secondary recyclers use the URTF type for melting dross and low-grade scrap (with organic impurities >10%) or material with a high iron content. Available here is a wide range of sizes from 3 to 14 m3 (6 to 27 tons) and melting rates from 1.5 to 6 tons per hour. You can also choose from a broad tilting range of between -20 and +40°. As a unique feature, the furnace can be operated at various tilting angles from -20 to -10°. The backward tilt of -20° facilitates quick charging. You benefit from the high degree of automation for charging, melting, tapping, and slag tilting. That's because it takes only one operator plus one supervisor per shift to operate the furnace. You can cut costs even further because the oxy-fuel burner system comes with short cycle times and correspondingly high melting rates.

Universal rotary tilting furnaces image

Compact-type remelt plants


Here is a unique, integrated, continuously operated, fully automated solution. It starts with scrap handling and goes right through to cut-to-length, homogenized extrusion billets (logs).
The CTRP is ideal for you if you remelt your own turn-around scrap as well as scrap from the market to produce extrusion billets (logs).

Compact-type remelt plants image

Chip remelting plants

Here you see a furnace specifically designed for melting loose swarf and light-gage scrap. It's the result of extensive in-house R&D aimed at achieving outstanding cost- effectiveness and green operation.

Chip remelting plants image

Scrap charging machines

Whatever your requirements, HERTWICH supplies the right type and size of charging machine to suit you. Here are some typical examples:

SMSgroup Image

Rotary-Type Charging Machine

Capacity: 1.8 m3
Charging load: 2 tons
Standard model typically employed in combination with HE-CTRP two chamber furnace. 

SMSgroup Image

Rotary-Type Charging Machine with scrap bin pick up system

Capacity: 3m3
Charging load: 1.5 tons
Standard model frequently used in combination with HE-CTRP three-chamber furnace featuring scrap bin storage magazine.

SMSgroup Image

Multi-purpose Charging & Skimming Machine

Rotary-type charging machine with combined scrap bin and skimmer rack pickup system.

SMSgroup Image

Pusher Type Charging Machine

Capacity: 55 m3
Charging load: 14 tons
Model suitable for quick charging of voluminous light gauge scrap.

SMSgroup Image

Rail-bound Skimming Machine

Heavy and rugged design for precise skimming.

SMSgroup Image

Retractable Floor Type Charging Machine

Capacity: 18 m3
Charging load: 5 tons
Ideal for safe and precise depositing of scrap onto the dry hearth section of furnaces.

SMSgroup Image

Vibratory Chute Charging Machine

Capacity: 8 m3
Charging load: 6 tons
Standard model for charging dross and low-grade scrap into HE-URTF furnace.

Pusher Type Charging Machine - Image

Pusher Type Charging Machine

Capacity: 18 m3
Charging load: 20 tons
Heavy and rugged design for trouble-free operation.


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