Electric steelmaking

Arccess® EAF technology - solutions for your success

Nothing succeeds like success with ARCCESS® electric arc furnace technology from SMS group. All components are dedicated to cutting the cost of electric steel production. This makes your investment pay off even faster. We build on decades of experience in electric-arc furnaces, metallurgy, and optimized processes to offer you the most cost- effective solutions. What sets ARCCESS® furnaces apart is their highly efficient electricity utilization. That's because they come with future-oriented burner and oxygen-injector technology. That gives you high productivity at low production costs.


State-of-the-art steelmaking with flexible raw material input

Solutions for all charge materials used in electric steelmaking

Superior engineering expertise

  • Top plant logistics
  • Modular furnace design
  • Customized furnace shell 
  • Best panel design

Advanced process know-how

  • Highest productivity with efficient injection, combustion, and oxygen technologies 
  • Efficient energy utilization
  • Superior electrode control systems
  • Novel slag-foaming method
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SHARC - shaft arc furnace

The cost-effective melting machine

Here, we joined forces with Greek company Hellenic Halyvourgia SA (HLV) to develop an innovative, unique scrap preheating method: the SHARC furnace process. That slashes energy consumption and simultaneously boosts economic efficiency. Also included are state-of-the-art automation systems and green technologies that meet strict occupational health and safety as well as environmental requirements. Meanwhile, the first SHARC (shaft arc furnace) has been operating successfully in Greece for 14 years. Central to the cooperation between HLV and SMS is further technological improvement of the furnace as well as training and instruction courses, plus support with commissioning new furnaces.

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Arccess® EAF - electric-arc furnaces

Success based on experience

We have banked a valuable store of experience from more than 100 years of development, construction, and commissioning of electric-arc furnaces.

That's why, with almost 1,400 electric-arc furnaces in both new construction as well as revamp projects, SMS group ranks among the world's leading suppliers in the industry.

Here is what makes our electric-arc furnaces stand out:

  • Modular design
  • Standardized component groups
  • Low maintenance
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Your benefits:

  • Lower production costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Better-quality steel grades
  • Steeper run-up curves
  • Longer running times with less maintenance

Conarc® (Converter arcing) - two in one

Double versatility

You get twice the performance with CONARC®. That's because these furnaces combine the technological advantages of electric-arc furnaces with the power of the conventional converter blowing process. They consist of a single production unit with two identical shells. Depending on the steel grade as well as the availability and price of charge materials, you can vary the percentages of scrap, hot metal, and sponge iron. Just as flexible with CONARC® is your choice of energy sources. CONARC® comes optionally with one swiveling or two stationary top lances for oxygen blowing. Plus, there are devices for bottom stirring that we integrate in the shell floor. The process consists of two stages. First: the converter phase involves blowing oxygen onto the melt through the top lance to decarburize it. Second: the electric-arc furnace phase uses electric power to melt the solid material and overheat the bath to tapping temperature.

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Arccess® - primary energy melter

Primary energy directly converted into heat

Our innovative PEM is designed to operate with natural oxygen/gas burners. As part of a joint project with ArcelorMittal, we built an industrial-scale PEM plant at the company's steelworks in Ghent, Belgium.

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S/EAF steady electric-arc furnace

Ready, steady – low-cost heat

Using our ARCCESS® steady EAF (S/EAF®), you achieve continuous operation for up to a whole week. It's an all-new furnace type that combines innovations with proven technology. What made this possible was our longstanding experience with submerged-arc furnaces, electric-arc furnaces, and CONARC® technology. The result? A completely novel electric-arc furnace. This ensures you'll benefit from 30 percent higher productivity as well as lower energy consumption due to the reliable continuous process.

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Selected References

Electrical and automation systems

Insitu gas measurement with X-Pact® Sense

Maintenance free and fast process gas measurement (CO & CO2 / O2)

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Ladle identification with X-Pact® Sense

Full automatic infrared all-in-one ladle recognition system

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Leakage detection with X-Pact® Sense

Water leakages detection for Submerged arc furnaces

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X-Pact® AEReg

AEReg – Advanced electrode regulator

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X-Pact® FEOS

Simultaneous control of foaming Slag, Power, Burner and HBI/DRI Feeding

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X-Pact® Furnace Switchgear

Long-life motorized vacuum furnace breaker

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X-Pact® Gas Cleaning Assist

Energy-efficient automation for dedusting plants

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X-Pact® Ladle Management

Integrated and automated ladle management

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X-Pact® Process Optimizer (EAF)

For electric steelmaking plants - Process assistance systems for the complete process line

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Digital twin

Digital counterpart of a customer-specific plant

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Plug & Work

3D real-time simulation of technology prior to installation

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Product quality analyzer (PQA)

Solution for smooth process flow and constant high quality

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Safeguarding plant lifetime

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X-Pact® Business Intelligence

Systematic analysis of data in an electronic form

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X-Pact® Drive

Low voltage frequency converter as integral part of X-Pact®

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X-Pact® Energy Advisor

Energy management for metallurgical plants and rolling mills

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X-Pact® MES 4.0

Production planning and scheduling for all production units in the plant

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X-Pact® Process Condition Analyzer (PCA)

The "transparent" plant

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X-Pact® Sense

Intelligent sensor system and camera-based solutions

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X-Pact® Vision Mobile Operation

Easy access on process results - Full information and control everywhere

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X-Pact® Vision Operation and Visualization

Innovative HMI and new control station

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Digitale Dokumentation: Der erste Schritt zur Digitalisierung.

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Unterstützung im Notfall – Remote Service

Zur schnellen Identifikation von Defekten und Fehlfunktionen und umgehenden Einleitung von Maßnahmen, die Störungen beseitigen.

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Equipment Check

Regelmäßige Inspektionen und Wartungen sind Grundlage zur Sicherung der Anlageneffizienz.

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Langfristige Wartungsdienstleistungen

SMS group bietet Ihnen Service entlang der Wertschöpfungskette und Sie können sich ganz auf Ihre Kernkompetenzen konzentrieren.

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Langfristiger Servicevertrag mit MMK

Kooperation zwischen MMK und SMS group für erstklassige Anlagen-Performance.

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Safety Locator

Schützen Sie Ihr wertvollstes Kapital - Ihre Mitarbeiter – mit dem SMS group Safety Locator.

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Smart Maintenance

Digitalisieren Sie Ihre Instandhaltung mit SMS group.

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SMS Injektionssystem

Das Einblassystem von SMS erhöht die Effizienz Ihres Lichtbogenofens durch die Unterstützung des Schmelzvorgangs.

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Condoor High Performance Slag Door
TS-Pro Sampler - Robot Sampler for EAF, LF and VD
SAFEBT-Fill - Automatic EBT Sand Filling
SAFEBT-Tap - Automatic ebt lancing
SAFEBT-Clean - Automatic EBT cleaning
Increased plant availiability - Quick coupling systems for all fluid connections in the steel meltshop
SIS Injektionssystem
Shaft arc furnace
Equipment Check
Elektrik & Automation
Zukunftssichere Komplettlösungen aus einer Hand
Fullservice für Wartungsstillstände
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