Spiral pipe plants

Tube and pipe making
Resource-efficient solutions for spiral pipe production

Whether you produce driven pipes, water pipes (AWWA), or oil and gas pipes (API) in pipe diameters between 400 and 2540 mm and wall thicknesses from around 5 to 25 mm -
SMS group is the right supplier for a broad spiral pipe range


Integrated spiral plant designs

Interconnected plant technology for producing spiral pipes from one source – Always attuned to market demands, we engineer machines designed to produce spiral pipes and welding equipment.

Raw material image
  • Coiled, hot rolled steel strip
Coil preparation image
  • Coil preparation stand 
  • Strip accumulator
Pipe forming image

Spiral pipe mills (online/offline) with

  • strip cross welder
  • welding testing
  • pipe forming stand 
  • SAW station
  • MAG tack welder
Pipe welding image

Submerged arc welding systems for finish-welding or re-welding with

  • automatic pipe feeding and discharge system
  • automatic welding start positioning system
  • automatic welding seam tracking system
Pipe end finishing image
  • Pipe end chamfering machine
Pressure testing image
  • Hydrostatic pipe tester(hydrotester)
Quality control image
  • Ultrasound system (ultrasonic testing)
  • X-ray testing system (fluoroscopy)
Products image

Spiral-formed pipes with a diameter of 408 to 3048 mm and wall thicknesses of 5.2 to 25.4 mm

  • Driven tubes (piling)
  • Water pipes (AWWA)
  • Oil and gas pipes (API)


Whatever spiral pipe production process you prefer: the conventional 1-stage or 2-stage (offline) process, SMS gives you ingenious solutions to help you succeed and compete.
That includes not only the core process equipment for pipe forming and welding, but also the upstream and downstream process steps for all your turnkey projects.

Comprehensive welded pipe technology

2-stage offline production process

There are two key advantages of 2-stage spiral pipe welding machines: improved quality and higher productivity. Core components are the quick forming stations and the high-performance finish-welding stands.

Comprehensive welded pipe technology image

Perfect arc® welding technology

Higher productivity and more than 30 percent lower energy consumption

PERFECT arc® is a digital welding process newly engineered by SMS group. It's ideal for spiral pipes as well as longitudinally seam welded UO and JCO® pipes. Furthermore, you can use it for both arc and submerged-arc welding.

Perfect arc welding technology image

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