Perfect arc® welding technology

PERFECT arc® from SMS group is an innovative leap forward in the production of spirally welded pipes. This new, fully digital process offers you: huge energy saving potential, perfect weld seam quality, and improved pipe quality.

Compared to conventional welding methods, PERFECT arc® is 50 percent faster in tack-welding and 20 percent faster in submerged- arc welding. As a direct result, it increases welded pipe production
in a spiral or long-seam pipe plant by more than 20 percent. Just as impressive are the substantial energy savings you can achieve. These are possible with precise power supply control using the digital current source. That cuts your energy costs by more than 30 percent compared to conventional welding.

PERFECT arc® comes with these cost-saving benefits:

  • Instead of thyristor current sources, it uses a fully digitalized current source
  • This generates the "perfect arc" that reacts quickly and is precisely controllable at any time
  • 50 percent faster tack-welding and 20 percent faster submerged-arc welding
  • Energy costs reduced by more than 30 percent
  • Electric efficiency ≥90% with uniform load on electricity network
Perfect arc digital welding image