Zhejiang Kingland Pipe Industry

Offline spiral pipe welding plant with PERFECT arc®

Zhejiang Kingland uses its offline spiral pipe welding plant to produce pipes to API 5-L PS2 standard with an outside diameter of 20 to 64 inches and wall thicknesses of 6.4 to 25.4 millimeters.

To achieve exceptional results, the new plant comprises a spiral pipe forming and tack-welding machine for forming and pre-welding hot rolled steel strip. It also features three downstream offline finish-welding stands. Additionally integrated is PERFECT arc® which ensures the line meets our Ecoplants sustainability criteria. That saves up to 30 percent energy compared to competitor plants.

Key data

Location: Huzhou City, China
Production process: 2-stage spiral pipe welding
Annual capacity: up to 260,000 t
Diameters produced: 20" to 64"
Wall thickness: 6.4 - 25.4 mm
Length: 8 - 12.2 m
Commissioning: 2015

Zhejiang Kingland Pipe Industry