Light metal extrusion presses - Concepts

Direct extrusion presses

Wherever producers manufacture a varied aluminum product mix and small batch sizes, direct extrusion is the preferred solution. Perfect here are short-stroke front-loader extrusion presses from SMS. They feature FEM-optimized, pre-stressed press frames in the classic Schloemann lamellar tie rod/pressure box design. That makes the frames highly rigid and ensures both excellent profile quality and long service life. Supplementing the press itself, our robust linear billet loaders provide precise and optimized motion sequences during loading.

Special features

  • FEM-optimized, pre-stressed press frames
  • Discard shear with automatically controlled shear gap adjustment for
    excellent shearing quality
  • Dummy block lubrication which does not affect non-productive times
    because the spray head is integrated in the billet loader
  • Container heating and cooling systems
  • Wear-free, high-precision linear guidance system for the container
    holder and moving crosshead
  • Hydraulic drive systems in compact modular design for dynamic
    motion sequences and short non-productive times
Direct extrusion presses image

Indirect extrusion presses

Indirect presses are a good choice for extruding aluminum hard alloys such as AA2xxx and AA7xxx. That's because the lack of friction between the billet and container ensures a reduced extrusion force and optimized material flow. These factors are essential for producing sections made from high-strength alloys. Also available for you are our extrusion presses that combine direct and indirect extrusion methods. They give you the flexibility to adjust your production so you meet current market demands.

Special features

  • Short-stroke machines with or without piercing devices
  • No friction between the billet and inside wall of the container
  • Adapted linear billet loaders with optimized drives and gripper
    systems for fast loading
  • Multi-axis, multi-purpose manipulator for loading/unloading the
    loose dummy block and the die holder
  • Additional peripheral systems for indirect process such as die
    cleaning as well as lubrication stations or separators provide tailor- made solutions with various levels of automation. 
Indirect extrusion presses image

Tube extrusion presses

Our tube extrusion presses are front-loading presses with an internal inline piercing device. Combined with the linear guiding system for the container holder and moving crosshead, this piercing device ensures excellent eccentricity tolerances for extruded seamless tubes.

Special features

  • Front-loading press with piercing device
  • Multi-axis, multi-purpose manipulator for loading/ unloading the
    loose dummy block and discard shearing assistance.
  • Suitable for tube extrusion as well as normal direct extrusion. The
    superior front loading design ensures short dead-cycle times and high productivity levels.
Tube extrusion presses image