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SMS group is the only manufacturer to supply all extrusion processes for all materials and alloys, including all ancillary equipment and automation systems. More than 1,400 reference plants worldwide prove our experience and depth of real-world expertise. We engineer integrated systems along the entire process chain - from extrusion presses to the finishing and further processing equipment. So you benefit from both profound know-how and top production reliability.


Rod & Tube extrusion press

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Steel Extrusion Press Designs

Rod & tube extrusion presses

What's special about our steel extrusion presses is that they are precisely tailored to your specific applications. The challenging conditions involved in extruding bars, profiles, hollow sections, and seamless tubes made from steel require sophisticated equipment. It takes high extrusion speeds to reduce the contact time of the hot material with the tooling and dies. Here you benefit from our highly dynamic accumulator drive that enables a stem speed of 400 mm/s. To achieve a satisfactory service life, the process requires glass lubrication and an internal mandrel cooling system. Extrusion plants for seamless tube extrusion are usually complemented with a vertical piercing/expanding press to complete preforming before extrusion. Some variants also use this extrusion process to produce tube and semi-finished products from titanium, zirconium, or super alloys. Common to all is the FEM-optimized, prestressed press frame in the classic Schloemann lamellar tie rod/pressure box design. Moreover, our rod and tube extrusion presses for steel combine a proven press design with high cost efficiency. You can perfectly complete your press line with SMS heavy-duty run-out systems for steel extrusion. They are perfect for quenching, cooling, and cutting your extruded products.

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