Tandem cold mill, Chinalco Southwest (CSWA), China

Innovative cooling technology for large product range

We supplied a two-stand TCM to Chinese Chinalco-SWA Cold Rolling Company (CSWA). It's the central production unit in the facility located in Chongqing, Xipeng district. What's special about this TCM is that it's the first of its kind in China. Now CSWA can achieve a cold strip production of more than 500,000 tpy. The main products are strips for cans, cladding sheet, and lithographic material for the printing industry.

The high-tech equipment of the two stands comprises:

  • CVC® plus shifting technology
  • Positive and negative work and intermediate roll bending
  • Hot Edge Spray (HES) system in the second stand
  • High efficiency cooling unit (HEC)

The TCM uses low-viscosity, easily flammable rolling oil as a cooling lubricant. That means the temperature development of the rolls and the material poses a technological challenge. To manage the problem, we installed our very first new-generation HEC in the interstand section. The system reliably reduces the strip temperature.

Also included in our supply scope were oil preparation station, coil handling system, inspection line, several utility systems, three MultiPlate® filters, and an Airwash™ exhaust-air purification system. It operates with our specially formulated Airwash™ 300 oil.

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Housing windows with two six-high roll stands and interstand section with HEC..

Main technical data

MaterialsAA3xxx, 5xxx
Strip width800 - 1,800 mm
Strip thickness0.25 - 3.50 mm (entry) 2.00 - 0.15 mm (exit)
Rolling force20 MN
Rolling speedMax 1,600 m/min.
Coil weightMax. 21 t
Capacity300,000 tpy