PAO Severstal, Russia

Higher production and wider product mix

PAO Severstal contracted us in 2014 to modernize its 50-year-old TCM at the Cherepovets works. Now, after the thorough mechanical and electrical revamp, annual production has soared by 200.000 tons with a wider product range focusing on automotive grades. The TCM processes thicker strips as well as high-strength material. There is also the option of coupling the plant to a new pickling line in the future.

Included in the general mechanical revamp were modification of the entry and exit sections and replacement of the four mill stands. The new stands feature our highly sophisticated rolling technology. They also make it easy to adjust the media and auxiliary equipment. Equally important was the general upgrade of the electrical and automation system. To achieve the best results, we upgraded much of the electrical installations, changed the drive systems, and installed our high-tech digital Level 1 and Level 2 X-Pact® automation. Finally, we updated the existing measurement devices.

Here is how our intelligent implementation strategy slashed downtimes:

  • Precise plant condition analysis prior to engineering
  • Adaption of equipment designs to local conditions
  • Delivery of assembled electrical equipment in dustproof containers for easier installation
  • Regular maintenance shutdowns used for preparatory work and installations
  • All this gave our customer extra benefits, such as · Lower conversion cost
  • Higher availability
  • Faster automation rate
  • Higher yield.

Main technical data

Materials: Carbon steels, high-strength and micro-alloyed steels
Strip width: 780 - 1850 mm
Strip thickness: 1.5 - 5.5 mm (entry) / 0.4 - 3.2 mm (exit)
Rolling speed: Max. 1,500 m/min.
Capacity: 1,200,000 tpy

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