High performance tandem cold mill

High performance tandem cold mill design - All in one solution for efficient cold rolling

By using our newly developed features it is possible to design rolling mills in a much more compact way, resulting in lower investment levels and significantly reduced operation costs.

The new high performance tandem cold mill in CVC® plus design is equipped with smaller rolls, resulting in lower investment and operating costs compared to a conventional mill. Based on the same product mix with focus on high strength material and thinner final gauges, the high performance TCM is characterized by an approximately 20 percent lower roll force requirement.

The main features of the high performance TCM are:

  • Sieflex®-HT gear-type drive spindle
  • Optimized roll diameters

Further equipment and new developments increase mill efficiency even more

  • Redesigned DS-System
  • Innovative fume exhaust system
  • Twin Reel exit section with Rotary Inspect
  • Emulsion Compact Unit ECU
  • Advanced assistant and monitoring systems
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Comparison between high performance TCM and conventional TCM : 20 – 25 % reduced final thicknesses achievable.
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Energy saving for different work roll diameters based on pass schedule: Material: CQ, Strip width: 1698 mm, Entry thickness: 1.8 mm Final thickness: 0.25 mm