Secondary metallurgy

Innovative and efficient liquid steel refining

There are various types of vacuum plant for liquid steelmaking available from SMS group. These state-of-the-art production tools support you in meeting today's (and tomorrow's) demands for final product quality. Following your specific requirements, we design tailor-made solutions that cost-effectively accomplish your metallurgical, logistics, and productivity operations.



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Recirculation degassing - RH PROCESS (RH, RH-TOP, RH-OB)

Our RH process offers you these distinctive benefits:

Outstanding decarburization

Reproducible and rapid achievement of lowest carbon contents for the production of DDQ & EDDQ thin sheet.

Excellent degassing

Effective hydrogen removal from liquid steel.

Low temperature losses

Here, the slag layer on top of the liquid steel remains closed throughout. It insulates against heat loss to the ambient air.

Short treatment times

RH recirculation ensures a high lift gas rate plus a greater steel surface directly exposed to the vacuum. So you get fast metallurgical reactions and very short treatment times This is why RH suits fast-running BOF shops with short CCM cycle times and extended CCM sequence lengths.

No extra ladle freeboard

Vacuum treatment outside the ladle does not require any extra freeboard, neither with higher ladles nor with lower steel weights. That generates maximum production with a given ladle design.

No ladle plugs required

Special to the process is that the inert lift gas is injected into the RH snorkel – outside the ladle. As a result, the ladle does not necessarily need bottom purging plugs. What’s more, the steel back flow ensures excellent homogenization of the liquid steel.

Atmospheric and vacuum process technologies

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SMS Mevac’s atmospheric ladle metallurgical processes serve to adjust steel condition (temperature and chemical analysis) prior to vacuum treatment or casting procedure.

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SMS Mevac’s RH and RH-TOP units are installed in steelmaking plants with heat sizes of up to 400 t. Tank degassers (VD and VD-OB) support EAF and BOF plants, permitting heat sizes of up to 400 t. VOD tank degassers are needed in stainless steel production in order to reach extra low carbon contents in an economical way.


Advanced steel Quality A package of superior solutions

SMS's program covers the complete range of technologies and services for advanced steel quality. This package of metallurgical solutions is an important factor in helping to continuously deliver products with superior benefits for the final customer.

These true assets in the value chain give you maximum flexibility in constantly supporting leading industries with the most appropriate advanced steel quality. Seize the many opportunities to satisfy growing demand for quality steels in future-oriented markets. We individually tune and adjust each component of your metallurgical plant. Our total commitment to technologies and services helps in creating extraordinarily efficient performance, giving unique competiveness in economy and ecology.

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Vacuum pump systems

We always design your vacuum pumps to suit your specific steel plant conditions and process requirements.

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Top lances

Multi-functional TOP lance systems are indispensable for modern, efficient, and cost-effective RH operation.

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Ladle handling

Optimized ladle handling from arrival to departure is as important as the vacuum treatment itself.

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Splash control

You benefit from our RH-SC® with advanced splash control. It features variable steam nozzles for direct vacuum control.

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