Top lance systems

Essential to every RH unit is a TOP lance. This lance is a gas-oxygen burner with these basic functions:

  • Heating the vessel refractory lining after vessel changing
  • Keeping the vessel lining at a defined temperature during treatment breaks
  • Melting down skulls inside the vessel

The circulating liquid steel is in direct contact with the refractory lining of the vacuum vessel. That makes it vital to pre-heat the lining to above 1,000 °C.

Not only important as a burner, the TOP lance also blows oxygen for these purposes:

  • Optimizing the decarburization process to achieve low carbon contents in a short time
  • Quickly raising the steel temperature by superoxidation or alumino-thermic heating
  • Removing skulls by oxidation

Finally, the TOP lance can also blow metallurgical powders for

  • Desulfurizing selected steel grade types
  • Dephosphorization
  • Supporting the decarburization reaction to achieve ultra-low carbon contents

We also supply lance cameras fitted to the TOP lance so you can observe the recirculation process.

Top lance systems image