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Effective vacuum treatment (copy 1)

High-performance vacuum pumps from SMS Mevac are the heart of secondary metallurgical vacuum processes. For both recirculation or tank degassing processes, our vacuum pump technologies are tuned to your specific steel conditions and to your individ-ual plant and production requirements.

Our vacuum pump systems precisely control the rate of pressure reduction from atmospheric level to low vacuum pressure. During the various treatment steps the vacuum level is accurately controlled to match the system’s metallurgical needs.

In order to deliver optimum results high suction capacity, low energy consumption and optimal relia-bility are essential elements of our design.

Vacuum pump technology for your process (copy 1)

Three technologies form the cornerstones of SMS Mevac’s vacuum systems:

  • Steam ejector vacuum pumps
  • Steam ejectors with water ring pumps Dry mechanical pump systems.

The selection of a specific technology depends on the respective conditions in the secondary metallurgical plant. Availability of utilities, metallurgical needs and the balance of operational and investment costs are basic considerations for our individual, high-performance concepts.

Engineering experience (copy 1)

SMS Mevac has decades of pioneering experience in various vacuum pump technologies. In 1956 SMS Mevac built its first steam ejector vacu-um pump for the vacuum treatment processing of liquid steel. Since 1960, we have also designed plants with mechanical vacuum pumps.

In 1985 our four-stage steam ejectors replaced the former five-stage version for high cooling-water tem-peratures. For advanced splash control, our RH-SC® with variable steam nozzles was launched in 2000. And in 2006 we introduced our Triple-S-technology for reduced consumption of cooling water.

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Steam ejector vacuum pump (SVP) (copy 1)

SMS Mevac steam ejector vacuum pumps are multi stage systems successfully in use in steel shops over decades. These pumps still set the state-of-the art standard and feature the following:

  • High performance
  • Minimum steam consumption
  • Minimum condenser cooling-water consumption Direct performance control via nozzles with needle valve technology
  • Reliable, long-term operation
  • No rotating parts
  • Robust design
  • Easy maintennace
  • Steam saving by water ring pumps in atmospheric stage
  • Optional waste gas cooling and cleaning system
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Mechanical vacuum pump (MVP) (copy 1)

SMS Mevac mechanical vacuum pump systems feature the following:

  • Low operational cost
  • High availability and maximum flexibility,
  • Minimum electrical power consumption,
  • Modular, easy-to-extend configuration for both pump skids and pump systems,
  • No water pollution and no requirement for steam generation
  • Excellent control of suction capacity and pressure
  • Waste gas cooling and cleaning system
  • Compliance with ATEX