Band saws

Also available to you is our latest generation of band saws. They make full use of the capabilities of modern band-saw blades. The result? High performance and lower tool costs. That’s because using disposable saw blades with extremely hard alloys is much more cost-effective than grinding circular saws.

Our band saws come with an impressive degree of flexibility in terms of slab dimensions. This is due to their high feed rate and up to 90 percent lower cutting losses. To achieve these savings, we reduced the cutting notch to 1.8 mm instead of the usual 20 mm. Ultimately, super-efficient use of the motor power also slashes energy consumption. So you benefit from lower costs as well as green production. According to your requirements, you can install our sawing machines as stand-alone units or integrated into complete blank machining centers.

Band saw designs:

  • Single-band saw
  • Double-band saw
Double-band saw
Double-band saw