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SMS digital

Data Thinking Workshop

The learning units (1 or 2 days)

  • Your plant holds a lot of data, yet you don't know how to extract meaningful information from it
  • Conventional data projects collect data over a long period of time, without ever knowing or testing the specific application, value, or effect

Your added value

  • You identify the specific applications with the greatest benefit to the customer as well as the impact on your business
  • Initial practical tests using the data allow you to evaluate impact and feasibility

Our services

  • Full-time support from your data and design experts
  • Processing of the results and identi?cation of the next steps in the further development of the product


Deutsche  Trainings  (Nr. 1321):

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Englische  Trainings  (Nr. 1320):

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SMS group GmbH - Hilchenbach


on request


For up to 8 experts and decision-makers


No specific previous knowledge necessary.

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