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X-Pact® Drive

Low-voltage frequency converter - Basic training

With the X-Pact® Drive, the SMS group has a modular and function-oriented low-voltage frequency converter system that can be seamlessly integrated into the SMS group’s X-Pact® family. Standardised hardware and software interfaces allow short commissioning and maintenance times. This training course enables introduces you to the X-Pact® Drive and allows you to make effective use of the benefits it offers. Our X-Pact® Drive test stand also offers the possibility of supplementing the theoretical training contents with a practice-oriented working environment.

The learning units (2 days):

  • Presentation of the X-Pact® Drive converter system
  • Hardware configuration of the X-Pact® Drive system
  • Introduction to the software environment for commissioning and maintenance
  • Commissioning of simple applications


Deutsche  Trainings  (Nr. 3121):

11. - 12. Mai 2021


Englische  Trainings  (Nr. 3120):

14. - 15. Dezember 2021



SMS group GmbH - Hilchenbach


€ 600.00 / Day / Person


Site managers, project managers, com- missioning engineers, maintenance staff


Basic knowledge of electrical engineering

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