Efficent water management and laminar cooling

The hot strip mill at SSAB in Borlänge (Sweden) produces wear-resistant hot strip with a new laminar cooling system. In order to supply the laminar cooling system with sufficient water of the required quality and temperature, SMS group installed a new water treatment plant and supply system alongside the laminar cooling in 2011.

Less energy consumption, lower costs
SMS group has designed the system in such a way that the costs and the burden on the environment are reduced over the entire life-cycle. Here are a few examples: The system's pumps are operated variable speed. This reduces the energy requirement and the energy costs.The circuit cooling is performed by means of heat exchangers in which river water is used as the coolant. The advantages are: Water losses due to evaporation in the laminar cooling circuit are reduced. The pipes and tubes, filter tanks and other components that are in contact with water are made of stainless steel in order to avoid corrosion or the use of additional chemicals. Scale particles, oils and greases are removed in a sedimentation basin.

Main components

  • Pump stations
  • Filter station (pressureless sand filters; thickener for filter sludge)
  • Heat exchanger station (with CIP system)

Technical data



Cooling capacity

100 MW

At river water temperature

max. 23º C

Cooling water circulating flowrate

354 to 16,080 m³/h

Cooling water temperature 22º C to 31º C
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