X-Pact® Total Roll Gap Control (TRC®)

Assistant for automatic strip threading


  • Operator independent smooth threading in/out at closed roll gap
  • Consideration of strip cross profile
  • Stable tension build-up, prevention of roll marks


  • Model-based setting of the roll gap as a function of the material properties and dimensions and the actual mill condition
  • Automatic roll alignment control
  • Automatic load distribution between stands

Technical advantages

  • Stable rolling already from the early strip head end
  • Reduced off-gauge and off-flatness lengths at the strip heads
  • Improved, operator independent threading times


  • Yield increase up to 1.5 %
  • Reduced off-gauge weight and / or length up to 50 %


  • Reduced downtime during threading
X-Pact® Total Roll Gap Control (TRC®)