PROgauge® for sections and rails

Contactless precision measurement

Also available to you are PROgauge® measurement systems. They provide online product parameters so you can perfectly monitor and control your rolling or production process. The core technology behind all applications is the same: contactless measurement of cross-sections by two-dimensional triangulation. What's different each time is that we customize your measurement system to your product portfolio and infrastructure, for example your rolling mill layout.

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PROgauge® light section measuring head

• Completely contact-free measuring system
• Up to 1,000 cross sections per second
• Image preprocessing and contour extraction
• Accuracy: 0.05% of the measuring field size
• No moveable parts inside
• Life-time calibration
• Easy to maintain

Profile gauge for sections and rails image
Type Measuring window (mm)No. of measuring heads Tolerance ± (mm) Section Type

PrG 350/250-4

350 x 250


PrG 500/270-8

500 x 27080.08Rail / section

PrG 500/270-4

500 x 27040.15Section

PrG 850/500-8

850 x 50080.15Section

PrG 850/500-4

850 x 50040.3Section

PrG 1200/600-8

1200 x 60080.25Section