Fit for the future in three steps

SMS group modernizes 50-year-old aluminum hot mill at Aluminium Norf GmbH

Three key revamp steps to success

Taking center stage in the modernization program at Aluminium Norf was its Hot Mill No. 1. The plant was supplied and commissioned in 1967 by what was then Siemag AG and is now a member of SMS group. It consists of a roughing stand and a finishing train with 3 mill stands in a tandem arrangement.

The primary objective of the entire project was to boost production capacity. What Aluminium Norf also looks forward to is more flexible production planning for its entire hot rolling operations. That’s because the company will be able to switch production any time from its Hot Mill No. 2, supplied by SMS Siemag in the 1990s, to the revamped Hot Mill No. 1.

There were no disruptions because the upgrades took place in several stages during regular stoppages. 

Step 1: Modernization of the roughing stand
Step 2: Replacement of the sizing press
Step 3: Expansion of the finishing train with Mill Stand No. 4 

This modernization vividly demonstrates the massive improvement potential in even a 50-year-old plant. It also shows how SMS group applies intelligent thinking to get the utmost out of existing equipment.