Basic training

2-roll straightening machine

This is where your employees will learn from our experienced engineers and technology experts all about how to operate 2-roll straightening machines. Training participants will emerge with a better understanding of the complex way these straighteners work. Fascinating here is the right mix of theory and practical exercises. That adds up to an extensive knowledge package geared specifically to your machine.

The learning units:

Processes and influencing factors in the production of straight bars/rods (Theory Part 1)

  • Steel process technology
  • Pre-straightening process parameters
  • Straightening process parameters

The 2-roll straightener (Theory Part 2)

  • Setting parameters of the straightener
  • Straightening process
  • Straightening principles
  • Working with the pinch limit angle table

Correct application (Practical Part)

  • Setting options for the straightener
  • Setup for new material (systematic procedure)
  • Exercises and questions


Deutsche  Trainings  (Nr. 4001):

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Englische  Trainings  (Nr. 4000):

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SMS group GmbH - Mönchengladbach


€ 600.00 / Day / Person


Operators, foremen, technicians and engineers working in maintenance, production and service areas.


Basic knowledge of straightening as well as how to operate the straightener.

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