X-Pact® Microstructure Property Model

Calculation of final strip properties and material microstructure


  • Prediction, monitoring and control of mechanical properties


  • Online and offline calculation of  mechanical properties (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation to fracture) and microstructure
  • Simulator for product development using X-Pact® Pass Schedule Calculation (PSC®) and X-Pact® Cooling Section Control
  • Microstructure target cooling allows to aim for mechanical properties to keep properties constant over strip length

Technical advantages

  • Reduced number of material samples and quicker release of strips/plates
  • Reduction of product development time (study influence of alloys and process parameter)


  • Material properties and micro- structure as planned
  • Save time and laboratory cost due to less material samples


  • Optimized production schedule saves alloying costs


  • Less production losses due to failed mechanical properties due to online control of mechanical properties
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