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Quality - This word is used mainly by the one who produces it.

Talking about this is one thing, to provide proof of the quality produced, is another one.
With HD scan, we’ve created an easy and secure method to prove the quality of cast products. With HD scan it is possible to capture the inner quality of cast products with ultrasound. For the evaluation of the ultrasound data, we have developed a software that provides meaningful, reproducible and objective results.

HD scan brings clarity in the assessment of product quality.

HD scan is based on an ultrasound examination of cast product samples.

It features hardware with control and evaluation software. The hardware is an immersion tank in which the samples are placed, including the scanner system, ultrasound sensors, and the electronic unit. Significantly less effort and time are required for the sample preparation, as with macro-etching a “rough ground” or “as scarfed” sample surface quality is sufficient for HD scan analysis. Scanning of the sample is done by the control software. Scanning parameter optimization was a key component of HD scan development and is a prerequisite for accurate automatic evaluation.

Your benefits

  • Automatic classification and reliable assessment
  • Conveniently to operate just by pressing a button
  • 3D volume information
Informative views and prospectsSENSOR HEAD WITH TWO ULTRASOUND SENSORS

One sensor detects inhomogeneity while the other sensor shows the macrostructure of the sample. A simple and clean method of checking the internal quality.

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