China’s first Reversing Cold Mill with CVC®plus for copper strip

Chinese copper manufacturer Chinalco Shanghai Copper has been operating a single-stand reversing cold mill from SMS group since January 2011. The 6-high stand with CVC®plus technology rolls copper and copper alloy strip from a starting gauge of up to 4.0 mm down to final gauges of as little as 0.15 mm. The annual capacity exceeds 100,000 tons. 

The RCM is used for intermediate and finish rolling at the Chinalco plant in Shanghai. It features:

  • CVC®plus technology with axial intermediate roll shifting, work roll and intermediate roll shifting, work roll and intermediate roll bending
  • Multizone cooling
  • Pass schedule calculation with set value input
  • Automatic work roll and intermediate roll changing
  • Paper winder
  • PrimeLub C80 rolling oil from SMS group
  • Multi Plate® filter

Customer experiences:

“With the 6-high RCM, we are proud owners of a state-of-the-art cold mill. In Terms of product mix, gauge tolerances and flatness tolerances, the strip we produce here is exactly what the international market wants.”

 Mr. Wang Yuejin, General Manager of Chinalco Shanghai Copper

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Main technical data


Copper and copper alloys

Strip width

600 - 880 mm

Strip thickness

4.0 - 0.15 mm

Rolling speed

max. 600 m/min.


107,000 t/year