Effective Tandem Cold Mill

Roughing and intermediate rolling in the same mill

Tandem cold mills for roughing and intermediate rolling are all-rounders. That’s because they roll a wide range of copper and copper alloys to many different dimensions and gauges. The maximum strip width is 1,250 millimeters.  Among SMS group’s references is a powerful TCM able to process entry gauges of up to 20.0 millimeters. The minimum final gauge from this type of mill is 0.5 millimeters. You can choose between CVC®plus 4-high and CVC®plus 6-high design.

Main technical data


Copper, Brass, Bronze

Strip width

700 - 1.250 mm

Strip thickness

20.0 - 0.5 mm

Rolling speed

Max. 600 m/min.


Max. 300,000 tpy