Roughing mill design

Target gauge across the entire strip length

The input stock from the casting plant or hot rolling mill is up to 16.0 mm thick and wound into loose coils with variable inner diameters. To handle the large strip gauge variations, the entry and exit stations consist of a combined payoff gear and payoff drum with various reel diameters. The reversing cold mill is a 4-high type. Crucial here is that the thick, relatively short strip goes into the closed roll gap so it is completely rolled from end to end before emerging. Then it is re-threaded for the reverse pass. 

Main technical data


Copper, Brass, Bronze, Copper alloys

Strip width

420 - 680 mm

Strip thickness

16.5 - 0.5 mm

Rolling speed

Max. 400 m/min.


75,000 tpy

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RCM design for rolling thick copper strips with maximum yield